Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Blog - Facebook Applications and the mock Spider Catch App.

I recently created a fake Facebook Application using Flash, above is a jpeg of that flash creation, and below is a description of Facebook Applications and Spider Catch. Facebook Applications are used for more of an interaction and fun time while social networking. Facebook applications allow the users to interact with their friends, in various forms of play. Such Applications include Jetman, Pirates vs. Ninjas and Chess. They exist to give Facebook more of an edge, and add more to the site, not just the usual “Hello” comments going on, now the people interacting can kick it up a notch.

How can being afraid of spiders all my life and absolutely loving baseball be connected? Well I created Spider Catch, a fun application you can get right on Facebook. With Spider Catch I can examine and “torment” the 8 legged freak digitally and make him play catch with baseballs to rank up points against my facebook friends. Arachnophobia mixed with baseball sounds like a crazy idea, but what's wrong with a game that has the great American pastime and one of the most famous and common phobias? It’s great. On the left side of the screen, a cannon shoots baseballs into the air, and the user uses his arrows or mouse to control the Spider. After each successful catch the user gains points, after unsuccessful attempts, the user loses points. The purpose of the application would be entertainment, competition, hand-eye coordination, personal social networking and gaming. As for entertainment, the spider is goofy and obviously not a baseball player. Competition between facebook friends is harmless fun, and a way to impress others with your skills. Hand-eye coordination is in progress when the user aims up the spider’s baseball glove with the flying baseball. The game gets harder as the user gets better, more baseballs, more speed of the baseballs and less control of the spider with the loss of stamina and energy in each use.

With Spider Catch, the user has a live scoreboard on the screen while playing, it is to see where he ranked compared to his friends (this can be found at the top of the screen). Also, after downloading the Spider Catch application, the user picks one of his photos, out of his Facebook Album, to use as an ID for the game (this can be found at the top of the screen, next to the Spider Catch title). Plus, when playing the user can communicate and network to the other users on Spider Catch with a Wall-Post Messenger (this can be found on the bottom left of the screen). On the left of the screen is the basic menu plus a list of other applications the user may pick and a “All-Of Facebook Ranking” therefore you see the scores of people who aren’t necessarily your friends – this may give you a push to better yourself and score better.

Spider Catch is a game that can add to the facebook experience, but is not needed. If you want to have a little more fun and social network at the same time then you should download the Spider Catch application right away. Always look to play your friends and create new ones as you better your hand-eye coordination while having a good time. Spider Catch is rated E for everyone.

Watch Out, the Spider Mite-Bite!

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